We Have hit the Unfortunate 1000+ dead a day Benchmark IN The USA, But there is good news!

After seeing this clear and present danger coming out of Wuhan China, I tried my very best to warn friends and family of this Pandemic that was on its way, I spent extensive periods of time reading articles and watching videos by scientist and doctors, reading articles written by WHO and the CDC. We were warned loud and clear and had about a 2-month head start before the impact was felt in my home country the way it had impacted China. But it was largely ignored by everyone. A few people I knew listened but the vast majority lived in a state of denial and had no idea what was about to hit them. Our government also did nothing to properly warn people of the impending danger. The danger was suppressed and it is was called a mild Cold or Flu.

Today we have paid the ultimate price for the ignorance and under-preparedness my country displayed. Once the virus hit the reaction was reactive instead of proactive. With little bits of truth trickling out at a time. Today at this moment there are 10,450 dead in the united states in only 3 weeks since the first deaths started happening. If that is not startling I don’t know what it is. But there is a glimmer of hope! The cases in at least NYC seem to have plateaued and slowed down. Is this indication of a long term trend? Everyone is sincerely hoping so. Pandemics have happened throughout human history. It’s not only the virus that kills us… The partisan politics, the arrogant disregard for scientific literature, and the disregard for knowledge all together in order to satisfy one’s own belief systems. These belief systems could be political, religious, or simply self-serving or bred out of pure indifference and nihilism. I hope we learn a great lesson from all of this. One that brings all of humanity closer together for the collective good of us all. We need those professionals, we need those doctors and scientists, we need our early warning systems and the ability to take preventive measures. Preventative measures could have saved thousands and perhaps millions of lives if the future death toll continues to rise worldwide with now 79,938 dead globally. We need to value and take advice from those who work hard to protect us all. They are the answers to your nightly prayers if you listen and heed the warnings.


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