Even Mild Coronavirus Cases Can Result In Lifelong Lung Damage

The Mind Of The Covidiot

There is a new term that has arrived and its one of my favorites that I have ever heard. This term is called the Covidiot! I find this term to be very precise when describing someone who does not follow the rules or guidelines when it comes to our ongoing pandemic concerning COVID19. Covidiots do not like to social distance, they do not follow advice from doctors and disease experts and even their own government. Covidiots think everything is a conspiracy, and they would rather have the country open back up and people go back to work while people are still dying in mass numbers from COVID19.

As a covidiot you may not understand that social distancing and closures of businesses are essential to stopping community spread of the coronavirus. Flattening the curve is a concept that prevents the number of infections from accelerating too quickly and overwhelming our medical systems. Social distancing also protects the more vulnerable and those with comorbidities from dying in higher numbers from COVID19. The fact that we have seen those numbers come down means that the worst-case scenarios have been avoided due to social distancing and the business closures implemented by our government.

So why are covidiots protesting all over our country with a request to go on with life as usual in the middle of a pandemic? Ignorance runs deep and has a viral way of spreading. People prefer to hear from those who align with their belief systems rather than those who are masters on the topic with doctorates. These experts do active research and publish peer-reviewed studies that they themselves have conducted along with a team of professionals from around the globe.

So let’s say that you catch this virus and do not die, there are now recovered patients who are athletes such as divers and runners who have permanent lung damage. This permanent lung damage will forever prevent them from doing the sports that they love. In other words you do not want this virus even if you survive because you may never be the same. It’s like saying yeah you can survive being shot, but why get shot when you can avoid? Some may recover and be fine but others may suffer permanent damage, and at worst lose their lives.