100,000 and counting! Hypoxia, I can’t Breathe!

This pandemic has been undermined, politicized, and polarized. A few days ago our country, the grand USA has reached the horrible grim milestone of 100,000+ deaths. It only took 3 months to get to this point. We were told that this was a flu, we were told we would be open by April, we were misled and gaslit by our very own president. So much focus has gone into steering peoples expectations instead of preventing death and economic fallout. But was this the way things should have been done?

South Korea has been a great leader to its people in severely reducing the prevalence of the Coronavirus. They pursued cases at their source through contact tracing. They led a force that tested a huge percentage of their population compared to other countries. Taiwan, New Zealand, and Australia have followed suit and have come up with a similar results. Every country on Earth should be copying their example with extreme urgency.

But here I live in the “greatest country on Earth” ruled by self-appointed King Trump. King Trump has downplayed the severity of the virus as explained previously. Literally gaslights our nation with half the population hanging on his every word. This means many people will not be following protocol, such as wearing a mask when out in public or social distancing. People are taking the Pandemic as a personal plight as if their right not to wear a mask is more significant than someones right not to get sick. This state of mind also damages the collective’s right to a quick and speedy recovery, we all want to get back to life as usual.

As we go deeper and deeper into this Pandemic, race issues arise. Apparently, my country is still racist after 400 years of slavery and the subsequent rise of ill will and murder culture. There are currently riots and fires burning in big cities after 3 cops murdered an unarmed black man named George Floyd by pressing a knee to his kneck for 8 mins straight. Ahmaud Arbery was shot in Georgia about a week ago, so there has been a whole lot of unrest. Maybe people will start to see that black lives really do matter.

Murder will always be grim and evil without exception, and should only be committed in self-defense in order to prevent yourself or someone you love from losing their life. Otherwise, the vile, evil, and heinous act must be avoided at all costs. The policing in my fine country does not value life above law, they will kill an unarmed human being and call it collateral damage. In the mind of law enforcement, the target is must to be treated roughly and brutally! Pain must be inflicted and pleas for mercy silenced with deadly blows or a silencing gunshot. This is how our law enforcement values human lives, especially if you are black.

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