How to Cook Wild Onions and Dandelions

Another episode of culinary mastery! Wild foods harvested from my very own yard and cooked up in my kitchen. With the proper identification and skill you can not go wrong when it comes to trying new things. Come on this adventure with me and learn something new. You are invited to take this ride with me.

If the coronavirus pandemic marks the collapse of civilization, would we know? Experts weigh in.

The Trojan Horse

I just recently encountered one of the most intriguing articles I have ever read concerning today’s situation. As many of you may already know unless you were just born or waking up from a coma, we have been experiencing a pandemic. Covid19 has swept the globe and caused tremendous upheavals the world over. To get to the point, every single civilization that came before us has collapsed. We would have to be naive to believe that our very own civilization will not one day meet its demise.

So the question that prevails is if our civilization was collapsing, to never rise again to its forgone glory days, would we indeed notice? Presumptively no! It is highly doubtful that the citizens living during the height of the Roman Empire, The Egyptians during the age of its great Pharaohs, and the Mayans had any idea that they were in its last days. Though they all have collapsed for totally different reasons.

Our Civilization bears a closer resemblance to the Romans and Egyptians. During their great fall there was a decline in literacy, and the passing around of homogeneous state unifying information. Similar to what we see happening today in America, as many fact-based sources of information lose funding, such as newspapers and scientific publishing.

The utter distrust and disdain for fact-based information may be our unraveling. The cohesion of the state is compromised because everyone has different information. Some of this diversity in information can be described as alternative facts. Alternative facts usually support beliefs that favor a party or an affiliation rather than any kind of supportive data.

Troy fell because of a Trojan Horse! When Donald Trump took office. One of the first things he did was disband the funding and research his predecessor former President Barrack Obama put into place to prevent the spread of current and future endemics and pandemics. From this point on, the United States was made vulnerable to a Trojan Horse. Four years later the Trojan Horse is now causing havoc within our borders.

Will this be the end before aware unaware eyes? The government has promised that the economy will reopen and things will get back to a new and pleasant normal. But has the Trojan horse already done to much irreparable damage, and will Americans get their jobs back? With the hundreds and maybe even thousands of business filing for bankruptcy in the near future, it just may be too late. And we just may be living through one of the greatest collapses of the greatest empires ever seen called the United States and thanks to one little virus COVID19 and the viral spread of misinformation in right-wing populist politics.

Even Mild Coronavirus Cases Can Result In Lifelong Lung Damage

The Mind Of The Covidiot

There is a new term that has arrived and its one of my favorites that I have ever heard. This term is called the Covidiot! I find this term to be very precise when describing someone who does not follow the rules or guidelines when it comes to our ongoing pandemic concerning COVID19. Covidiots do not like to social distance, they do not follow advice from doctors and disease experts and even their own government. Covidiots think everything is a conspiracy, and they would rather have the country open back up and people go back to work while people are still dying in mass numbers from COVID19.

As a covidiot you may not understand that social distancing and closures of businesses are essential to stopping community spread of the coronavirus. Flattening the curve is a concept that prevents the number of infections from accelerating too quickly and overwhelming our medical systems. Social distancing also protects the more vulnerable and those with comorbidities from dying in higher numbers from COVID19. The fact that we have seen those numbers come down means that the worst-case scenarios have been avoided due to social distancing and the business closures implemented by our government.

So why are covidiots protesting all over our country with a request to go on with life as usual in the middle of a pandemic? Ignorance runs deep and has a viral way of spreading. People prefer to hear from those who align with their belief systems rather than those who are masters on the topic with doctorates. These experts do active research and publish peer-reviewed studies that they themselves have conducted along with a team of professionals from around the globe.

So let’s say that you catch this virus and do not die, there are now recovered patients who are athletes such as divers and runners who have permanent lung damage. This permanent lung damage will forever prevent them from doing the sports that they love. In other words you do not want this virus even if you survive because you may never be the same. It’s like saying yeah you can survive being shot, but why get shot when you can avoid? Some may recover and be fine but others may suffer permanent damage, and at worst lose their lives.

Vitamin D and Immunity, Lots of Evidence

There has been enormous controversy as to why Black and Hispanic communities have been suffering disproportionately with SARS COVID19. Headlines have been plastered everywhere of Blacks and Hispanics dying at higher rates. Many reasons that have been alluded to are disproportionate access to medical care, having low wages or essential jobs where the likelihood of working in close quarters with other infected people increases. The news is all about sensationalism for the sake of selling headlines. At many times this could leave the reader with more questions than answers, and even cause more harm than good by sowing the seeds for racism and division.

So what is really behind the statistical truth that people with darker skin are turning up with higher rates of COVID19 deaths and hospitalizations? Dr. John Campbell gave a great video on “Vitamin D and Immunity, Lots of Evidence”. Dr. John Campbell brought light to the fact that 40% of people in northern latitudes are Vitamin D deficient with a greater emphasis on darker skin. Darker skin absorbs less vitamin D especially at northern latitudes where the sun is weaker. He observed that the Samilian communities in Scandinavia are also dying at higher rates compared to their lighter-skinned neighbors in the same communities. It is known that those who have lower amounts of Vitamin D have a harder time fighting off upper respiratory infections. Therefore people with darker skin should be taking a vitamin D supplement in Northern latitudes such as the United States and Europe. If you are of lighter skin and you do not get sunlight you still should be taking a Vitamin D supplement to ward off upper respiratory infection which will leave you better equipped to fight off COVID19. Though having lighter skin leaves you at an advantage at absorbing Vitamin D more effectively in Northern latitudes than those with darker skin, this does not excuse you from having a Vitamin D deficiency it just leaves you at a lower likelihood of having that affliction.

With that being said, I feel that Covid19 will not hit Africa as hard as it did in the Northern latitudes because sunlight there is focused and abundant where even the darkest skin will receive enough Vitamin D while blocking most harmful UVA and UVB radiation which will help in fighting off upper respiratory infections. I conclude this is another reason why Australia may also be doing so well with COVID19, (abundance of sunlight and high vitamin D absorption). The darker-skinned you are, the more you will need to take a supplement in northern latitudes seasonally and seek sunlight during the summer months.

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How to Bake Ketogenic Brownies

The Keto Diet is all the rage right now. With that being said there are a lot of opportunities to try new recipes that revolve around this topic. Check out the new vlog and let me know if you whip up any Keto Brownies and how you liked them. Talk soon, enjoy.

We Have hit the Unfortunate 1000+ dead a day Benchmark IN The USA, But there is good news!

After seeing this clear and present danger coming out of Wuhan China, I tried my very best to warn friends and family of this Pandemic that was on its way, I spent extensive periods of time reading articles and watching videos by scientist and doctors, reading articles written by WHO and the CDC. We were warned loud and clear and had about a 2-month head start before the impact was felt in my home country the way it had impacted China. But it was largely ignored by everyone. A few people I knew listened but the vast majority lived in a state of denial and had no idea what was about to hit them. Our government also did nothing to properly warn people of the impending danger. The danger was suppressed and it is was called a mild Cold or Flu.

Today we have paid the ultimate price for the ignorance and under-preparedness my country displayed. Once the virus hit the reaction was reactive instead of proactive. With little bits of truth trickling out at a time. Today at this moment there are 10,450 dead in the united states in only 3 weeks since the first deaths started happening. If that is not startling I don’t know what it is. But there is a glimmer of hope! The cases in at least NYC seem to have plateaued and slowed down. Is this indication of a long term trend? Everyone is sincerely hoping so. Pandemics have happened throughout human history. It’s not only the virus that kills us… The partisan politics, the arrogant disregard for scientific literature, and the disregard for knowledge all together in order to satisfy one’s own belief systems. These belief systems could be political, religious, or simply self-serving or bred out of pure indifference and nihilism. I hope we learn a great lesson from all of this. One that brings all of humanity closer together for the collective good of us all. We need those professionals, we need those doctors and scientists, we need our early warning systems and the ability to take preventive measures. Preventative measures could have saved thousands and perhaps millions of lives if the future death toll continues to rise worldwide with now 79,938 dead globally. We need to value and take advice from those who work hard to protect us all. They are the answers to your nightly prayers if you listen and heed the warnings.

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Forrest Clean Up Challenge

Check out some really cool footage I put together today. I hope that you are entertained. If you are bored get out and clean up a local Forrest. We can all make a difference.

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