Biden Says Covid protocol over May 11th

With Covid Protocol ending in a few short months, what does it mean for our world? What does this mean for our country? The United States begin opening back up in 2021. With almost 2 years since this period behind us, what will change with this declaration? Will all the testing sites disappear? Will there be no more demands to see vaccine cards?

As a SAG actor, I must test before each production. This is literally a part of my life while living in what has been called the new normal. Maybe this was the new normal 1.0 and we will soon experience the new normal 2.0. Only time will tell!

President Biden to End COVID-19 Emergencies on May 11 (

China’s Population Decline for the first time in Decades!

China’s population has entered a period of precipitous fall for the first time in decades. This is due partially to China’s one-child policy which ended in 2015. China has had a very strict covid 19 lockdown policy which was lifted due to a very rare country-wide protest. During the month of December China has seen over 60,000 deaths due to covid. By and large, China has not vaccinated in population and depended on lockdowns to control the virus. This left the Chinese population with no natural immunity to new and old variants. There fore they are dying at pre-herd immunity and population vaccination rates and over 5,000 deaths a day is further driving a population decline in China.

China’s population falls for first time in decades, hampering its economic rise (

Wood Oven Baked Strawberry Dutch Apple Pie

Not too long ago people lived for thousands of years without the use of convection ovens as we know them today. Instead, we used fireplaces or even campfires to cook our food. Then there was the invention of the Dutch oven from which we get our dutch apple pies. But this time around I decided to bake a strawberry pie on a grill over a wood fire. At first, I had my doubts that it could be done sucessfully. But once the pie was done I had impressed myself. The pie was far less smokey in flavor than I thought it would be. As well as far more delicious than I would have imagined. Check out the video below and tell me about your outdoor pie baking experience.

Grilled Butternut Squash Fruit Bowl

Today I grilled a Butternut squash on a wood fire grill. First I hollowed it out then I added some honey, blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries. Then I put some butter on top and added some ginger and cinnamon. I baked it for about 2 hours and it came out fantastic. It was a symphony of flavor on my taste buds. Watch the video and try it out home and let me know how you like it. Thanks for watching and happy holidays.

The incredible Thanksgiving Brisket!

Have you ever grilled on Thanksgiving? Well this year I tried grilling some Black Angus Chuck Beef and it turned out fantastic. It was slow roasted for about 3 hours and it could not have turned out any better. Next time I will try different sauces. But this was fantastic.

Duck’s on Fire

Have you ever tried to roast a duck over a wood fire and have it go up in flames? Well, I just tried it and it was a lot of fun and very funny. Surprisingly it still tastes really good. just look past the charred skin and take a bite.