The Earth Song is So Relevant Right Now!

Below is a video that was titled “Venice Canals Are Clear Enough To See Dolphins.” This false piece of news has traveled around the world unchecked before being corrected by National Geographic. It turns out that the Dolphins were at a port in Sardinia which resembles Venice. I have been to Venice but never Sardinia. Unbeknownst to me, these two places have areas that closely resemble each other. So even if you have traveled to the location and feel sure about the details of the photo or video you still can be duped, because this is the internet and it is full of fake news. People will capitalize on any situation and manipulate the media for profit at all times.

Who would have thought that it would take a virus to give our Earth a break . To give our Earth a chance to inhale and exhale. There have now been reports of dolphins swimming through the canals of Venice, as pollution subsides and the water clears. Monkeys are now crowding the once busy streets of Thailand, and air pollution over Italy and China is almost non existent. Maybe this is what Earth needs!! Maybe the Earth needs us to just slow down, take notice and breath….

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