What is the Corona Virus

The Corona virus is better known in the medical field as Sars Covid-19. This virus is believe to have started in a wet market in Wuhan China, possibly originating in the droppings of a bat. The virus is thought to have spread from the bat to the person handling or consuming the bat which later led to community spread. Once the virus gets into the lungs, it begins to take the form of a type of pneumonia which fills your lungs with mucus and fluids making it very hard for you to breathe, this can lead to death. Covid-19 can be detected in your lungs through an MRI because of a type of lung damage called glassing. But the most common ways to test for the Corona virus is through swabbing of the nose, throat, or anus. Sometimes all three methods are taken into account for detection.

The Corona family of viruses includes SAR, all types of Flu, The Common Cold, Mers, and many others. Just like other Corona viruses, Covid-19 is spread through droplets which can enter you mouth, eyes or throat, from a sneeze, cough, breathing, or a surface you may have touched, and then thereafter touched your face allowing it to come into contact with a mucus membrane. There is currently no vaccine or cure to SARS Covid-19. WHO puts the death rate at about 3.4% with the elderly and those with underlying conditions being the most vulnerable.


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