My Cousin Bruce D McAllister

In deep sorrow my family has lost Bruce D McAllister to Covid19 ! He was a loving husband to his wife and amazing father to his son. He was kind and generous and wanted nothing but the best for everyone around him. He served is country in the military and was overall and outstanding citizen. We are all shocked to have lost our family member. If this can happen to him it can happen to anyone. Please closely follow CDC warnings and protocols and stay safe.

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The Importance of Preparedness!

We all think that we are all ready for what is coming until shit really hits the fan and we are blindsided by shocking events. Currently, the Corona Virus is ravaging America, and the World at large. Food supplies are running low at supermarkets, the stock market is at record lows and who knows how long this economic and health catastrophe will last. I’d like to offer my readers some security, As many of you have seen my youtube videos, I have started a garden and begin to prepare for leaner times. Even if the worst-case scenario doesn’t happen at least you have a ready freshly grown food supply growing on your very own property. I highly recommend that you do all you can to prepare for the economic situation the world is heading into. Protect yourself and protect your family.


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